3M 6900 GLOW IN THE DARK PHOTOLUMINESCENT 3" Width x 5yd Length (1 roll)

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Reflective Tape Graphic Film by 3M

Size 3" x 5yd 

Color is White but glows green in low light or no light

3M series 6900

This is one piece of tape

Size is 3 by 5yd

Really Great stuff

  • Superior initial and retained photoluminosity
  • Increases visibility of markings and signage in dark and low-light conditions
  • Requires no additional electrical power and continues to glow in the event of electrical failure
  • Flexible and conformable
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • High performance photoluminescent film for safety and emergency exit signage. Rechargeable "glow in the dark" film, glossy appearance, light yellow green color with permanent pressure sensitive adhesive.